Miracle Ranch offers recovery resources, skills, and a way out of grief and trauma to those who have experienced betrayal, food issues and abuse to people all over the world.

Meet The Coaches


Dr. Heather Gaedt, Psy.D.

is a Clinical Psychologist who has a variety of clinical and managerial experience at centers such as: Betty Ford Center, UCLA Staff and Faculty Counseling Center and Michael’s House Treatment Center in Palm Springs, CA.

For the past few years she has successfully operated a Private Corporation, continued supervising for treatment centers as a contractor and created Miracle Ranch with her husband.  She is asked to speak in different conferences, events and church’s about being the expert in using equine therapy as a way to help heal people who have been betrayed or those who have been unfaithful. She has also been featured in many major newspapers, radio and on the web speaking about the use of horses to help heal betrayal, sex issues in relationships and food issues.

Dr. Gaedt and Coach Aaron (below) are a married couple who offer EAGALA Equine Assisted Psychotherapy at their 10-acre ranch (Miracle Ranch), specializing in addiction.  They offer a unique blend of personal and expert experience to equine therapy. They have gone through active addition, have come through the other side and now offer recovery and healing to others.  They are a miracle and their son is a result of them staying together.  They like to say, “if we can do it, anyone can do it.”  They have helped many individuals and couples/families who struggle with some of the following through intensive group services: substance use, eating disorders, sex addiction, trauma, anxiety and depression.  They have been offering couples retreats that give hope to the hopeless and terrified. In addition, she is in the process of publishing her first book.

Dr. Gaedt has great joy for her profession and has been a light in the darkness for many of her clients’ life journeys.  She provides a safe, warm, nurturing and confidential setting with empathetic feedback and unconditional support.  In every therapeutic relationship, she is able to help an individual find what is true in his/her core.


Coach Aaron Smith

is an Addiction Specialist, Sober Coach, Equine Specialist and Spiritual Advisor. He has been working in the recovery field for over a decade. He has vast personal and professional experience working with addicts (including but not limited to; drugs, sex & food) and alcoholics.

Coach Aaron's proven specialties include working with men and adolescents who have substance abuse and/or process addictions, adventure therapy and grief and loss.  He has a unique way of being able to connect from the recovery perspective and an abundance of information about spirituality.

He works in both a Private Practice setting and on Miracle Ranch, created a structured living home and is also active in providing Intensive Group Services.  We look forward to being part of your journey!



About The Ranch


The Miracle Ranch offers a unique experience that can only occur among the trees, crisp mountain air and unconditional acceptance from the magnetic energy of horses. The horses provide assistance as a mirror so that you may identify patterns of learned behavior that either enhance or detract from the quality of life that you experience from one moment to the next.

Sounds magical, right?

It is incredibly memorable and also highly recognized as an effective therapeutic healing method. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is a collaborative effort between a licensed therapist and a horse professional working with each client.

Miracle Ranch offers therapy that is experiential, personal and a life-changing way to assist individuals, couples, families or groups with mental health and development.