Donate to The Miracle Ranch

Be part of the nationwide change we are trying to make. Help our for-purpose company help others to heal from trauma, sexual abuse, betrayal, rage, physical abuse, addiction and emotional abuse with the use of horses and humans.  We can be the change we are looking to see in the world. Any donation helps us to help others. Thank you for being part of this journey! We very much appreciate you visiting our site and connecting with us in any way. Like us on Facebook, sign up for our article, donate. Anything helps!

Amazon Wish List

Please click on the link to donate to what the Ranch needs now. It is our Amazon wish list, so when you are making your purchases, you can add one of these items to your list.

Thank you, every bit counts!

Examples of what your donations can do:


$30 Donation

$30 can give the horses a bale of hay. Our horses go through a bale of hay a day. They also get feed.


$75 Donation

$75 allows 2 horses to get their hooves trimmed. Affectionately called a "Horse Pedicure" the prcedure is done every 6 weeks to help the horses walk correctly and without pain.


$300/ month Donation

You can sponsor a therapy rescue horse. Help us give purpose to a horse’s life. This horse is not rideable and would not be able to be used in any other way than to be kept in someone’s stables. This horse has a story that is like the people we work with. All our horses have stories that are like the people who we work with. We do not give specifics on where they come from and what they have been through so that they are a blank canvas for clients. Our horses are given purpose by being the team who provides the miracles that happen at Miracle Ranch. Donors can schedule visits with the horse they sponsor.


$1200 Donation

$1,200 can give an individual three 4 sessions of horse therapy. Three sessions can be equivalent of up to 1 year of talk therapy. Most of our clients do not trust people or do not know how to interact with people in a way that is helpful to them or others. Learning how to interact with a horse, seeing themselves in how the horses mirror back what they do, and learning how to act in ways that are healthy is priceless. They would gain huge insight into themselves by having three sessions.


$3,495 Donation

Sponsors a couple and gives them hope, even when they are feeling hopeless. Help a couple who is going through tough times, wants to work things out, but has nowhere to turn, a chance to have make progress and know that there can be a different way. There is often emotional abuse in these couple’s lives. This couple’s retreat could change the rest of their lives, keep their families intact and happy, prevent further abuse, stop the chain of dysfunction and create change for the future generations.