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There is healing on the other side of betrayal/ infidelity, addiction, depression and anxiety. Bring your burdens to the ranch, and



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The Miracle Ranch

Intensive Horse Therapy Ranch For Addiction Treatment & Couples Therapy


Nothing hurts like betrayal from your spouse or partner.

The person who pledged to love you forever, has done the unimaginable. It could be addiction, infidelity, abuse-- and now that person feels like a stranger to you. 
You may feel like your marriage has hit the point of no return, and the dreaded “D-word” has crossed your mind more than once.

We have been in your shoes.

After heartbreaking infidelity and betrayal in our own marriage, we fought our way back from the brink of divorce, and unveiled a love and passion even stronger than before.

You can heal your marriage or relationship, and we can help you.

Imagine a renewed love and admiration for your spouse like you had when you first started dating. Being able to truly forgive and move forward together, leaving the past behind-- yet stronger and wiser than ever before.



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  • My experience with Dr. Gaedt and Coach Aaron was excellent. The horses knew how I was feeling sometimes before I did. They would nuzzle me and interact so that I could get the answers I needed. Unbelievable work they are doing at Miracle Ranch. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is inclined to use the healing power of horses to change their lives.
    — Michelle McLaughlin
  • Working with Coach and Dr. Gaedt has been life changing for my husband and I. They have saved our marriage and brought us back to sanity. A lot of healing takes place at Miracle Ranch, the horses are amazing. We are so grateful to both of them every day for their presence in our lives. They are patient and kind and they have a lot to give. Working with the horses helps heal wounds and recharges your soul. Beautiful experience.
    — Rebecca V.
  • I had an incredible experience at Miracle Ranch. Truly an amazing place for healing!
    — Pam P.

Miracle Ranch is the brainchild of licensed Psychologist, Dr. Heather Gaedt and her husband, Sober Coach Aaron Smith. They are experts in the field of the use of horses to help heal betrayal.

Dr. Heather Gaedt-Smith is a Psychologist who has specific training in working with clients who have eating disorders and sex addiction/betrayal issues.  She earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology and received her license from the Board of Psychology to specifically work with those who have codependency, abuse and addiction issues. Coach Aaron did training personally and professionally to specialize in working with men with addiction issues.  He earned his Bachelor's in Psychology and trained in the field of recovery.  There is truly a magical and memorable experience that is created at Miracle Ranch due to the husband and wife team having over a decade of experience and training, the use of horses, the strong bond and teamwork that Dr. Gaedt-Smith and Coach Aaron have as a couple and business partners.

They almost got a divorce due to the disease of addiction that wrecked havoc in their home. They found the secrets to getting well, having the life we want and sharing it with each other. They want to share these answers and more with you, and save you years of pain by doing so!
One of the most powerful therapeutic experiences they had was through horses. It is well known that horses are one of the most intelligent and intuitive species on the planet.
At Miracle Ranch; they have been amazed by the discoveries and healing that occur without a word being spoken. Horse therapy is an accelerated form of healing where some have experienced the equivalence up to one year of talk therapy in a few sessions with horses. Miracle Ranch wants to share it with you and help you find the relationship you have been looking for! You can have spiritual, emotional and physical relief and have everything you are looking for.
 It took Dr. Gaedt-Smith and Coach 6 years to find the answers they have for you! Couples that use the tools are given, experience accelerated growth in their relationship.


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