Good Morning Abundant, Amazing, Glorious people!

It is a Wednesday morning. We got back from vacation on Sunday. It is good to be back in our routine refreshed and energized to continue giving to hope and light.

If you would like in this moment, maybe do a check in to see how you are this morning? Is there a heaviness? Do you feel tired? Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Anxious? All these states of being interferes with us being the most optimal selves we can be.

If you are hungry, eat something, if you are angry, tell someone if you are lonely do something with someone, if you are anxious bring yourself to this moment and the words on your screen. You have everything you need in this moment to feel amazing.

We are responsible for what are lives are. It can be difficult to accept this but we have everything we need to have everything we want right at this moment. We just may not have accessed it yet. I can get everything I thought I ever wanted, but if I am not whole and excited within, I will continue to feel empty and down after any achievements.

Take today and visualize what you desire. Stay focused on the positive dreams you want to manifest and that excitement will help you to stay the course you wish for. We will talk more about how to visualize in the next blog.

The tree does not worry, it stands still and constant. The birds do not worry, they keep flying. We as humans have the ability to think and we can use it to create or destroy. What do you choose today?

Until next time, stay true to yourself and keep on keeping on! :)