We often go through moments where we doubt ourselves, our lives, our goals, our attractiveness, our opinions, etc. etc. How do I stop doing this? Is a very common question I am given by clients in my practice. It is not about stopping the doubt, it is replacing it with love and excitement.

What gets you excited?

Do it! It does not matter how old you are, if you have ever done it before, how much time it will take you. What matters is that you are excited about it. Life is about finding what you feel excited about and doing it!

How do you love yourself? Today, I encouraged you to find out what you feel down/negative about yourself and replace it with a positive. If you don’t feel attractive, replace it with “I am attractive.” It may feel lame, weird, sad or surreal. Do it any way. Telling yourself the cardinal truths about who you are will eventually help you believe the amazing things that you have to h offer! What you say to yourself, you believe, just like the negative thoughts that go through your head.

You are enough! You can do this I believe in you, we believe in you. You can believe in you. There will never be enough you can do to feel enough. It needs to come from the inside.