Good Morning Everyone!

Each of you has a special and unique gift. What do you enjoy creating? Medical Doctors usually like to solve puzzles and create medically. Psychologists create a space for another human being to help them create what they wish to create. Artists create in all sorts of ways.

I love to paint with oils and sew. My father loved to paint and I grew up with his art. I didn’t start pursuing art steadily until a few years ago. I get inspired by what excites me about life. Things that bring me joy. Examples of things that bring me joy are: Disney, mermaids, the color purple, bright colors and putting the brush to the canvas. There is no feeling in the world like the one I feel when I am painting and helping someone.

What do you LOVE? Start doing it. Most end results will not be “masterpieces”. Just start. That is the only thing to do. We get in our way by telling ourselves, “I don’t want to spend the money”, “I don’t know how to do it”, “I don’t have enough time in my life to start”, “I can’t do it”. Focusing on what brings you joy will help you to get through difficult moments.

The Holidays may be difficult for you. Through the holidays, we encourage you to be true to yourself. If you are not happy about the holidays, it is okay. Accept and validate yourself that most people are more stressed during the holidays than any other time of the year. Focus on what brings you joy. You do not need to let go of yourself because “it’s Christmas” or “it’s Hanukkah” or “Thanksgiving”. You can still be true to you through those times and take care of yourself related to family, relationships, spending and/or food. Be you, be unique and break out of the chains. You are enough, you are awesome, and you don’t need to do anything differently than what you are doing today just because it’s almost the New Year.

Until next time!

Dr. Gaedt