Hi and Welcome Back, We are Glad to See you!

How do you spend your time? Thinking? What do you think about? What we think about we bring about.  If you are thinking of all the things you have to do in a stressed and anxious way, you will feel stressed and anxious.  If you are thinking about it in an excited and motivated way, you will feel motivated.

Do you have a behavior that interferes with getting things done in a timely manner?  If you have been following our blog, how has it been going implementing some of the things mentioned in your life?

Time is valuable. Your time is valuable. How are you spending it?  We encourage you to be present and mindful in how you spend your time today.  We have plenty of time, it depends on how we spend it. Do we spend it making our lives and others lives better? Do we think about how to grow financially and in our relationships, and learn and love? Or do we think about what we can get out of someone or something to fill a sense of emptiness. 

We encourage you to take the weekend and really value your time.  If you value your time, you will show up and be valuable in other's lives and time.  Be a giver this weekend. Find how to give of yourself, not in a depleting, energy zapping way, just give. Freely, effortlessly and lovingly.  Do things you don't feel like, because it means something to someone else.  You will reap the rewards, try it.

We hope you have an amazing weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week!