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Did you watch America’s Got Talent last night? It was amazing. Particularly how Michael Ketterer touched America and the judges. What is he doing and talking about and why is it working for him on #AGT? Read on…

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Think about what you want to bring about. Be the change you want to be. You can be an inspiration for yourself and others. Don’t wait for a situation to change. Take action now. Find out what gets in the way, remove it and do what you want. If you need help, reach out.

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Pursuing a Life of Meaning

Ever wonder how you got to the place you are in your life. There are several experiences that impact and create the people we are today. Parents, teachers, friends, etc. can put thoughts and ideas in our heads as children that we automatically accepted without knowing. These are the ideas and concepts that we react and respond from today, without awareness. Let’s try and assist you in becoming aware of some of the concepts and ideas you have and see if those are what you want to continue holding onto or not.

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