Pursuing a Life of Meaning

Hello, Welcome Back!

Let's delve a little deeper into living your life on purpose instead of on autopilot.  It is not easy to life your life on purpose and with intention. Although, it is simple.

Most humans go through life on auto-pilot.  They do what they know, they rationalize their behaviors, they feel energized (another word for anxious), to do the next thing and it is dependent upon whatever the way the wind blows. If you are reading this blog, you are part of the 1% who want to live his/her life on purpose and with intention.

A common question is "what are you meant to do with your life". This question becomes overwhelming, usually to the point of not doing anything because, it may not his/her "purpose".  The only thing a human being needs to do to get the most out of life is to be present. If we are present, we know what we feel, why we feel the way we do, act with integrity and authenticity because we do not have parts of ourselves in the dark, and be kind and loving to everyone.

If we are far from being loving to everyone, are too busy or too good, or not good enough to connect, then we are too disconnected from when we were children.  Children have an innate ability to connect, love, be present and see things.  As we get older, we take on more unhealthy traits, ideas, concepts, thought patterns and behaviors of the people we are around: parents, teachers, friends, etc.  We lose connection to the most loving parts or ourselves. Our hobbies, time and interests all get pushed down as we develop more and more concepts of how we believe we, the world and those in it, should act.

We encourage you to spend this weekend, until the next blog post, on identifying what truly brings you JOY.  Not a high. Joy. An interest, a hobby.  If you are not participating in something you love to do, then start thinking what that might look like.  We do not want you to start doing it.  This is just an introspective exercise to do and journal about.  Don't forget to continue the last blog's journal assignment. :)  What do you have to lose? You will have your life to gain.

When we become adults, we can make choices.  We may not know what they are or that we are making certain choices everyday.  We will be asking you questions to create options and help you to THINK about your life.  Just for today, live your life with intention.

We hope you have an amazing weekend and we will see you next week!

Miracle Ranch