Hello and welcome back!

Nice to see you again.

If you are a "go getter", it is difficult for you to slow down and enjoy the moment. You read, you listen to podcasts, you find people you like on the internet, you are thinking endlessly about people you want to meet and things you want to do.

If this sounds like you, it's time to slow down and bring it "home".  Use bring it home as a metaphor for keeping the focus on your and slowing down. As a go getter, you can use the positive information you are receiving and stress yourself out with it. Or, you can use the information to try and be more Type A or controlling than you already were. 

The intention of positive, loving information is not to make our struggles/character defects worse. The purpose of the information is to help you to make your life better. Applying new concepts is not easy, but it is simple. 

We encourage you to use this weekend to replenish.  Focus on bringing in joy, light and yourself.  By doing this, you will be more productive in accomplishing the tasks you want to complete.  You will bring it home literally and figuratively to get more focused and feel energized to get done what you want to get done.  If you struggle, we are here for you.  We will help you have the weekend of your dreams. You will have not just a weekend that looks good in photos but one that feels amazing from the inside out.

Have a great weekend everyone and see you next week!