Good Morning and hope you had a wonderful weekend! Some of you had Monday off from work, we hope you enjoyed it.  Or maybe you are like us and make your own schedule and usually have Monday's "off", either way, we hope you had a wonderful three days.

Let's get right into it.  What is/was your relationships like with your parents?  What is the purpose of talking about this? Our parents are part of the original people who had the biggest impact on who we are and what feel about ourselves today. 

This is one of the biggest areas for growth in the work we do on ourselves and with our clients.  We have blocks and unconscious messages that we grow up with regarding: money, sex, love, intimacy, relationships, etc. etc. 

These concepts and messages stay the same until we delve deep, identify the messages that no longer work for us and change them.  If you would like, take some time today to see if you have done some of this already.

What are the messages you grew up with that you have already changed?  What areas of your life would you like to be different?  If you would like, identify if there is a message that may be blocking you from having the difference in your life that you wish for.  This is a powerful exercise.  We encourage you to be open and see what you find out.

If we have not delved into these messages, we are still playing them out with our parents, whether they are still living or not.  This is deep and may not sit comfortably at first. If we are open, honest and willing, we can delve into these blocks within ourselves and be set free from the chains that prevent us from reaching our full potential.

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See you later this week!

Dr. Gaedt